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12.5″ x 18″

Screenprint. Signed and numbered edition of 100

Storyteller: Daniel Poré Sr.

Artist: Tzu Poré

Artist, barber, farmer, native Detroiter Tzu Poré explores the semiotic correlation between processes in nature, design, agriculture, architecture and land usage. As an artist, an entrepreneur and founder of Kinky Klique Boutique, Tzu has focused his recent work around his concept “Cultivating the Kinky,” which means deliberately adapting to one’s natural environment, preserving the original state of one’s environment.

This poster honors its artist’s father, Daniel Poré Sr. Poré Sr.’s life has been a kaleidoscope of artistic vignettes, from learning human anatomy by sketching Marvel comic characters in his youth, to serving his country of birth in The United States Air Force as a Graphic Specialist, to owning studios and galleries that stretched from Detroit to LA, to his intrigue with the intricate details of computerized Forensic Facial composites and photo enhancements, after relocating to Texas from California. He fearlessly dabbles in multi-media fine art, 3D installation design, and assists fellow artists in large-format reproduction. He reflects on the fact that all this came as a God-given gift that has led him to become a published artist, with two images currently being reproduced, promoted, and distributed by Haddad Fine Arts of Anaheim, California. Dan says ‘in order to receive the fullest benefit from one’s gift… first stop and thank the giver of it.’ He has embraced what he considers the highest show of thanksgiving by becoming a teacher of God’s Word.

The Good Bones Poster Project lifts up beautiful lives being lived in Detroit neighborhoods. 12 different local artists share their unique take on 12 different neighbor-storytellers from one eastside neighborhood in a series of signed, limited-edition fine art screenprints. We’re amplifying a counternarrative about the resilience of the beloved community, through art and connection. Support us by buying posters as they are released each month, or advance-purchase the entire portfolio by clicking here.

Proceeds of The Good Bones Poster Project fund a free multimedia outdoor performance at the Sophie Wright Settlement House in fall of 2017, celebrating everyday stories of perseverance and evolution connected by one Detroit building. Good Bones is an AMP Sponsored Project and winner of the Knight Arts Challenge.

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