Arthur Tabb/Lindsay McCaw


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12.5″ x 18″

Screenprint. Signed and numbered edition of 100

Storyteller: Arthur Tabb

Artist: Lindsay McCaw

Lindsay McCaw is an artist who has lived in SW Detroit for about four years.  She came here from Vermont and has also lived in Wisconsin.  In Detroit Lindsay helped to organize the Banners and Cranks Festival (a festival of picture performance) and has done puppet shows with CMAP and was a stilted flower in the Pollinator Parade with Interstate Arts.  In the past she was part of the Bread and Puppet Theatre in Vermont and In the Heart of the Beast Theatre and Barebones Productions in Minneapolis.  Her puppet company is called The Dolly Wagglers.  She is also in a band called the Corn Potato String Band and is part of the Detroit Square Dance Society.

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“Since I have been in Detroit, It has been a long slow process trying to learn about all the cool people and organizations and events all over town as well as the history of the different neighborhoods.  Every time I meet someone or participate in a project it deepens my connections and understanding of what Detroit is all about.  There is a lot to learn and I think I don’t even know about half of it!  This project has been a joy because I got to meet some people from the Boggs School present and past.  Meeting Arthur Tabb was a great experience partly because as a musician I was delighted to hear what the Detroit music scene was like in the past.  Arthur, or “Red”, is also a very entertaining and positive person to talk to.  He gave me an understanding of how exciting it is for many of the neighbors past and present to see new life at the Sophie Wright building now that it is used as The James and Grace Lee Boggs School.  It was also great to connect with the Talking Dolls studio to do the silkscreen printing.  Ron and the rest of the team are doing great work over there for all the right reasons and I am glad I got to be a part of it.”

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Proceeds of The Good Bones Poster Project fund a free multimedia outdoor performance at the Sophie Wright Settlement House in fall of 2017, celebrating everyday stories of perseverance and evolution connected by one Detroit building. Good Bones is an AMP Sponsored Project and winner of the Knight Arts Challenge.

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